Updating toc in ms word

After you have generated a Table of Contents in Word, you might notice that the TOC entries appear in the wrong font, that they are indented more (or less) than you want, that there is too much (or not enough) white space between the entries, and/or that something else doesn’t look quite right.

These elements of the TOC—the font face and size, the tab settings, the line spacing, the before and after spacing, and so forth—are determined by TOC that come with the program.

In other words, they were designed by programmers at Microsoft whose ideas about how a TOC should look aren’t necessarily well suited for the legal profession.

Fortunately, you can modify any one or more of these styles and save your modifications—either in the particular document open on your screen or, better yet, in the template on which your document is based.

If you save the style changes to the underlying template, all documents you create in the future that are based on that template will reflect those changes.

There are nine distinct TOC styles, each representing a different heading “level.” The TOC 1 style (which affects level 1 headings) positions the generated headings flush with the left margin; the TOC 2 style positions level 2 headings one tab stop in from the left margin; the TOC 3 style positions level 3 headings two tab stops in from the left margin; and so on.

In many other respects, the nine built-in styles share similar formatting.

First, insert the cursor into a heading in the generated TOC whose style you wish to modify. Launch the Styles Pane (using either the dialog launcher or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Alt Shift S). Scroll down and look to see which TOC style is active — that is, which one appears within a thick blue border. button at the lower right side of the pane and make sure that the Select styles to show drop-down displays “All styles.” To make it easier to find styles, also make sure that the Select how list is sorted drop-down is set to “Alphabetical.” 5. Click the Format button and then click the appropriate button for the setting you want to change (e.g., Font, Paragraph, Tabs, etc.), and make all desired changes.Click the “New documents based on this template” radio button—otherwise, your choices about the way that styles are displayed in the Styles Pane will be saved only in the current document—and click OK to save your settings. When you locate the TOC style in the Styles Pane, the name, then click Modify. (To modify the line spacing, the before spacing, and/or the after spacing, click the Paragraph button.) 8.Remember to click (enable) the New documents based on this template radio button if you want your changes saved to the template (for use in other documents), as opposed to saving them just in the current document.(CAUTION: Even though Microsoft configures the TOC styles so that by default, the “Automatically update” box is checked, that option can cause problems, so it’s a good idea to , which can produce unexpected results.) 9.After you click the New documents radio button, click OK. All instances of the style in your document should change to reflect the modifications you have made.[1] The second method you can use to modify TOC styles is to click the References tab, navigate to the Table of Contents group, and then: 1.

Click the Table of Contents drop-down, Insert Table of Contents, Modify. Select the TOC style you wish to change and click Modify again. When the Modify Style dialog box opens, follow steps 7 through 9, above.

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Updating toc in ms word introduction

Updating toc in ms word