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A while ago I was told that I should read the terribly interesting "The Late Shift" by Bill Carter.It's a fascinating account of everything that happened in the decision to choose Jay Leno over David Letterman to succeed Carson.I thought this book was fantastically researched, well written, and interesting.I know he has a new book called "The War for Late Night" that's about Leno/Conan and I have that on order to read but I want more.What books does the dopernation recommend that also give me a cool behind the scenes look at something.I have heard rumors that there is on out there on ESPN, I think that would be hella interesting, but what else is there?

Also about the 1992 election, Mad As Hell: Revolt At The Ballot Box, by Jack Germond and Jules Whitcover.Covers some of the same ground as the Carville/Matalin book, but also has some insights into the Perot campaign from the inside (it was at least as subject to Perot's whims as it seemed from the outside).Sorry for the concentration on one election..was the first election I voted in, so I tend to collect books about it.He's a bit overexposed now, but Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential was, when first published, a very funny account of what life is really like in the kithcen of a top restaurant.And while I usually consider Jay Mohr a real jerk, I liked his account of his own time on Saturday Night Live, which was entitled Gasping for Airtime.

I've read a few of these and they are fun and insightful.

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Nov 11, 2012. Hey ya folks. So I am having a difficult time dating a beautiful Gretsch Catalina Elite shell set. I just picked this up and I am extremely excited to get my hands on it. I have noted that in every picture or catalog that I can find these in the lugs and tension bars are the newer style and not the "all the way through". 
05-Feb-2019 00:31
Jul 6, 2014. Hey, everyone I'm new to this forum and thought this would be a cool intro thread. I'm currently in a relationship with a italian/french man and he's my first interracial relationship. His family doesn't believe in race mixing so it's been tough. The love we have for each other is so strong and i've honestly have. 
05-Feb-2019 00:35
I don't know what to do. After a few successive drunken hook-ups, I broke it off with this girl and told her I am not looking for a relationship. I invited her to dinner the next night to make sure everything was still going to be cool with us working together and she told me she was pregnant. I didn't believe her at. 
05-Feb-2019 00:38
Page 5- The Cao - Dai debate. Indo China Wars 1945 - 1975. 
05-Feb-2019 00:40
Do you prefer to spend time on your own? Check out these 21 personality traits associated with people who prefer to be alone #1 – They Possess an Incredible Emotional Strength Spending time with their own thoughts and feelings, loners are able to accept, identify and understand their emotions. 
05-Feb-2019 00:44

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