Ps3 restarts when updating playstation home

Some Play Station 4 users report PS4 problems including a blank screen or lack of video signal.Others are seeing a blank screen after switching on HD or 4K signals -- even though their TVs support them.As there may be many causes, IGN encourages readers to report specific issues and effective solutions in the comments.Here are some of the causes and solutions: Your PS4 or PS4 Pro's signal is not recognized by the TV -- or the Play Station is not detecting the right settings for the TV.Since the PS4 can output a variety of resolutions and display modes (including 720p, 1080p, 4K, HDR, etc.), it can happen that your display and console aren't "talking to each other." The most common issue is a resolution mismatch -- you have turned on a setting that your TV doesn't support or the PS4 may have misdetected your TV's abilities and is sending the wrong signal.Basically, the communication between the television/HDMI cable and the console fails to interpret the Play Station's output signal and reconcile it with the television's native output capacity.

Is this a new issue that occurred after a PS4 firmware update?Many owners of LG, Samsung, Philips, and even Sony Z series sets have reported incompatibility issues with the V4.05 and V4.06 firmware updates.If a newer firmware release is available, install it to see if that fixes your woes.The following process may work with some sets as it forces the PS4 to redetect the TV's settings. You may have to repeat this process a few times until your PS4 correctly detects everything.If it doesn't, your best bet is to pick 1080p as your resolution, tweet your dismay (and TV model details) at Sony's Play Station "Ask" support Twitter handle and wait.

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Ps3 restarts when updating playstation home introduction

Ps3 restarts when updating playstation home

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