Flight of the conchords dating australian girl

Flight of the Conchords—are "New Zealand's 4th Most Popular Folk Parody Duo." Now, they have moved to New York City to conquer America, one fan (literally) at a time in this musical-comedy series.

Follow all of their Gotham adventures through two riotous, song-filled seasons, plus their hilarious One Night Stand appearance, available for download now.

Flight of the Conchords service mark and trademarks are used by Home Box Office, Inc. Transplanted New Zealanders Bret and Jemaine--a.k.a. Flight of the Conchords--search for romance and gigs in New York City.

At a bohemian party, Jemaine falls for Sally (who used to date Bret), but Bret spoils the moment back at their apartment.

Meanwhile, their manager Murray shares his two-pronged plan for the band that includes making a music video, and Bret deals with the advances of Mel--the band's lone obsessed fan.

The new configuration isn't a total disaster, and it does solve the band-uniform issue (since there's only one band member), but ends up fizzling when the tape breaks and Bret won't make a new one.

Jemaine and Murray end up auditioning a group of Bret wanna-bes before turning to the genuine article with a compromise that might bring Bret back on board.

Bret loses Jemaine's trust after leaving his mate to die in the street at the hands of a 'gang' of two.

After Jemaine and John (one of the muggers) are jailed, Jemaine can't forgive Bret until he risks his life (sort of) to retrieve his pal's camera phone (a phone with a camera taped to it) that was stolen in the earlier robbery.

Murray is perturbed when Bret cancels a band tour of building rotundas to be with his girlfriend Coco.

Things get worse when Jemaine follows suit, choosing to be an active participant (or third wheel, depending on your POV) on Bret and Coco's dates.

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Flight of the conchords dating australian girl introduction

Flight of the conchords dating australian girl

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