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Datingplus ru

and kept waiting to read that it was a joke; a satirical piece written about society’s treatment of overweight women. It was just one douchey guy’s opinion about men who date women who are not “hot” and rocking the unattainable, bullshit body stereotype that media would have you believe is real. Even the skitches you see with those bodies in magazine spreads, don’t have those body types. There may be 1% of 18 –year-olds who are rocking that body without medical assistance.

This is the kind of woman that mowed the lawn when she was growing up and went fishing with her dad.Maybe that is not the kind of girl that you imagine hanging out with, but hey, to each his own.My Girl Can Cook So maybe this goes without saying, I don’t know, but I am going to say it anyway.Big girls usually get big for a reason, and usually that reason has something to do with food.While it might be fun to be out clubbing with some hot woman, it is just as fun, and maybe more fun to the right guy, to stay at home and have a woman cook for him and take care of him. You get out of work and have had a long day, and you are totally starving.

You want to order a large Pepperoni pizza from the pizza joint, the kind they say feeds 4 people and you want to eat all of it all by yourself.

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Datingplus ru

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