Dating problems after divorce

The practical application of these commandments is to post them in your home, car and office and reinforce them to yourself EVERY day.Optimal relationship behavior is often learned and many divorcées are out of the loop when it comes to new relationship behavior because we have become accustomed to the same habits of our ex.

A counselor is inevitably needed for issues that arise where you need an unbiased third party for perspective.It's great for a counselor to see you as a couple at your highest point before they see you at a low point.Commandment #2 Thou Shalt Not Date For At Least 6 Months After Your Separation (ideally 1-2 years) Rather controversial but the learning and personal growth that must happen post-divorce in order to have healthier, better relationships must not have the distraction of a new relationship. Dating too early will only delay your personal growth and hurt your new dates when you realize you aren't ready.Commandment #3 Thou Shalt Always Be Safe and Honest With Disease and Pregnancy Issues Few would argue with this but it takes some real discipline in certain situations to adhere to!It may be out of the norm to practice safe sex since there wasn't a need to while married, but for the sake of your health and sanity don't get so swept up into passion that you throw safety out the door.

Commandment #4 Thou Shalt Have a Specific Dating Plan Be conscious about how and who you want to date and be proactive about creating it.

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Dating problems after divorce introduction

Dating problems after divorce