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Bitch dating etc guide inner man relationship

I am a huge advocate for using the No Contact Rule on men that just seem to have an allergy to breaking up and making a clean break.Even when you don’t have to get medieval on him and cut contact, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it a million times again, this whole staying in touch and trying to be friends after you’ve broken up is BS – just ask the millions of women out there that are secretly hoping for him to suddenly see them for the great women they are so they can have their fairy tale ending, who actually in effect end up being used for a shag and/or an ego stroke.But…women, especially Fallback Girls and assclown lovers are obsessed with the big question: Will he try to get in contact with me?Now like a lot of things in poor relationships, obsessing over the what if’s of this question is a reflection of the female trapping of suffering from Women Who Talk and Think Too Much syndrome and not seeing the wood for the trees.

If he does try, it’s probably for an ego stroke or a shag, or to put himself back in the driving seat…and then disappear.

If you got down on your knees and held on to his feet begging him to stay, he’ll probably get in touch for a shag and an ego stroke.

However…if you were really OTT, he’ll probably make you wait a while as he may be ‘nervous’ of your emotions.

If you keep making contact with him or make a big point of reiterating how you don’t want to lose him and how you want to stay in touch, he’ll probably be in touch.

However, it’ll still be for a shag and/or ego stroke.

If you’re sort of hanging on the fringes, sending smoke signals that you’re ‘there’, he will make contact as and when he needs you.

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Bitch dating etc guide inner man relationship introduction

Bitch dating etc guide inner man relationship