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Adult dds chat

Although swearing is fine here, we do not condone material (through names or tags, chat, voice communication or sprays) of the following nature: hard-core, suggestive sexual activity, crude, indecent, lewd, obscene, racial, religious beliefs, demeaning of the opposite sex, etc.!

If you don't apologize, don't expect to be automatically forgiven.

We use a TK plugin that's designed for the ass holes who come in specifically to TK and disrupt game play. Five unforgiven TK's will result in a one day ban..

If you do not wish to register then you can email me at [email protected]

Tell me who you are (with Steam ID), who the admin was, which server, when and the circumstances. Portal camping (sitting on, next to or strafing a portal swinging away) with a shovel is NOT allowed.

You can camp from a distance with a firearm as long as a player can come through and move. We do not condone excessive use of HLSS or any other external sound producing software that plays long sound clips, music or use to enhance one's voice.

After setting the model, you can then place your bomb by using your "use" key ('e' by default).

Once a good example of the offense is recorded I must stop my recording, so I will go to the console and type stop and press enter. To upload a demo as an attachment in a PM or in the forums or if you are submitting a ban through Sourcebans you'll have to compress it using Winrar or Winzip with a or extension.

Finally I will switch my view to first person so that I can see what they see. You can also use the following binds to quickly record demos on the fly: bind F9 "record asshat1" bind F10 "record asshat2" bind F12 "stop" *** If you use the binds then you should go to your dod folder and rename 'asshat1.dem' and/or 'asshat2.dem' to 'playername.dem' and/or 'playername2.dem' for easy reference.

Everyone gets four blasts per spawn when they are turned on. Then I will switch to spectate mode and cycle until I’m on that player.

Example: C:\program files\steam\steam apps\your user name\day of defeat source\dod\ You can also do a search on your computer for files with the extension Example: I’m going to record a demo of a player named “Deux Maus” who is intentionally team wounding. I will do this by going to console and typing record deaux_maus and hit enter.

Make note of "ticks" for relevant times in the demo Where is your demo located: Demo files are saved in your DOD folder.

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Adult dds chat introduction

Adult dds chat

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